About Us

Our name came about because of an aside made years ago when Fiona Stewart announced to a roomful of children that as Fiona Hollow wasn’t there that evening they’d just have to put up with Fiona… er… Substantial in her place. The name stuck and in 2019 a podcast was launched!

Fiona Hollow

Hollow is 26, is from Scotland, lives in London and loves nattering on about many topics with Substantial. She works in community development, enjoys wild swimming, watching theatre, cooking veggie/vegan food and trying to keep her plants alive.

Fiona Stewart (Substantial)

Substantial is not actually the other Fiona’s surname! She is 50, lives in Glasgow and is always surprised to discover that she and Hollow still have things to say on any topic. She has a portfolio career as a writer, performer and creative consultant, and also enjoys wild swimming, theatre and poking around in her garden. Notice she didn’t say gardening.

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